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Vantage Property Investors TeamWe strive to generate superior returns and minimize capital risk by investing in assets which are well positioned to appeal to the most successful tenants in the marketplace today.

Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns

Vantage seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in properties that are both strategically well located and and have the characteristics most sought after in today’s competitive marketplace. Whether it be amenities, transit, open floor plans, individual identity/access, ceiling heights, or raw materials, today’s most successful tenants are demanding very different qualities than those provided by yesterday’s assets. Vantage is at the forefront of understanding and meeting those needs.

Quality Properties in Long-Term Competitive Locations

Vantage only invests in locations with long-term competitive advantage. We believe that such locations offer the best opportunity to generate returns that can substantially outperform the market. The most successful tenants today are competing in a global economy and investment assets that cater to those tenants needs are best positioned to generate superior returns. Those tenants will pay a premium to be in quality locations and will not go to inferior locations regardless of potential cost savings.

Minimized Risk

Capital is hard to build and we put significant focus on minimizing investment risk to capital. We always underwrite assets on an unleveraged basis. If the acquisition of a property does not have the capacity to generate appropriate returns without the use of leverage then leverage will not help, it will only put equity capital at greater risk. We believe leverage should be used to enhance the returns to equity capital, but not in such a way that it puts the asset at risk in periods of economic stress.

Long-Term Owner Perspective

We focus on ensuring that all of our decisions are made in the context of a long-term vision of the asset and not a short-term focus on quarterly results. We believe that our investments will generate superior returns if we make our decisions in this context. Rather than making investment decisions that can only be justified by momentum in the marketplace we strive to make decisions that can withstand the test of time and the inevitable pressure of market cycles.

Hands-On Management

We are detailed managers of all aspects of an investment. We have a broad range of skills but are only focused on a few assets at a time, allowing us to operate at both 60,000 feet and also at ground level. From coming up with a new strategic direction for an asset to reviewing a common-area reconciliation we aggressively manage all aspects of an asset. The hands-on attention of our experienced team provides us with a distinct competitive advantage in a marketplace dominated by teams with broad responsibilities over many assets.