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Our philosophy is to generate
above-average returns while minimizing the risk of losing hard-earned capital.

Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns

Vantage seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in well positioned commercial properties that have both the ability to generate above average returns and have limited and well contained downside capital risks.

Quality Properties in Long-Term Sustainable Locations

Ned and Stuart believe that investing in high quality assets in locations with long-term competitive advantage provides the best opportunity to generate returns that can substantially outperform the market.

Use Leverage to Enhance Returns, Not Justify an Otherwise Weak Investment

We always underwrite assets on an unleveraged basis. If the acquisition of a property does not have the capacity to generate appropriate returns without the use of leverage then leverage will not help, it will only put equity capital at greater risk. We believe leverage should be used to enhance the returns to equity capital, but not in such a way that it puts the asset at risk in periods of economic stress.

Achieve Superior Returns through Best-in-Class Leasing and Asset Management

Vantage looks to aggressively manage its assets in a first class and professional manner. Minimizing vacancies and maximizing rental rate are the driving forces for returns in any commercial real estate asset. These objectives require an owner to aggressively manage all aspects of an asset, from leasing to common area reconciliations—skills that the principals of Vantage have acquired from their involvement in all aspects of real estate investment and operations.